Organize with Us


We are creating workshops and discussion guides to help you host a screening and other interactive experiences to spark public imagination about the idea of a Universal Basic Income.

Released Spring, 2018.

Partner with Us

We are partnering with networks for political mobilization across the political spectrum in North America.

Are you organizing to raise awareness of Basic Income around policy initiatives in the US or Canada as part of electoral, legislative, or ballot initiative campaigns?

We can partner with you to create tailored strategies around existing or new media content or workshops.

Engineering Content to Create Change


Creating a great story is only the beginning; we're developing content that that 1. provide calls to action that help mobilize audiences, 2. educates, inspires and empowers audiences to take part in changing our existing broken social fabric; 3. strategically considers the pyscho graphics of various audience segments to target conservatives, progressives and moderates.

Specifically we are reaching post-secondary students and recent graduates, a surprisingly under-tapped group to be mobilized in support of basic income, given their relative economic vulnerability and struggles.

In collaboration with the Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) we will work with student leaders and recent graduates across Canada to engage them as thought leaders and organizers for the basic income movement.

We will deploy advocacy workshops to:

  1. Screen a documentary about Mincome at universities, using the film as a driver to activate students and potential advocates;

  2. Host trainings for and support to particularly committed student/graduate advocates (e.g., training in how to talk about basic income, how to lobby)

  3. Establish a roster of advocates on tap to, in a coordinated way. Provide details and logistics to support advocates in their efforts to lobby their representatives for basic income in the lead up to and through targeted upcoming election cycles.