Our Vision

Feature + Political Mobilization

Over a five year period from 2015 to 2020, we are working on a feature-length film that will string together a journey to solve poverty, alleviate the concerns of automation, create freedom in life to pursue one's passion and provide economic justice; all culminating in the implementation of a Universal Basic Income.

The multimedia we produce along the way, as well as the feature and BIG Experince are all being crafted to not only increase cultural awareness of UBI but also intentionally to be used as strategic assets to help community, cultural, and political organizers influence policy makers and political outcomes.

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Join us to embark on a 90 minute journey that will indoctrinate you as a member of movement to reinvent our social fabric! 

One part vision quest, one part documentary, one part role playing exercise and one part community participation facilitator training; by the end of this experience you will be inspired and empowered to eliminate poverty, pursue your life's passions and create balance as a part of a movement to shift our economy and social fabric.

We will be taking it on tour across the United States and Canada with engaging workshops to inspire reflection, cultivate advocates and spur political action.

Evelyn Forget among the thousands of records from the Mincome experiment  (copyright Truth Be Told)

Evelyn Forget among the thousands of records from the Mincome experiment (copyright Truth Be Told)


We are proud and excited to be releasing (Spring 2018) the first documentary film highlighting the research findings and stories of personal impact from the Mincome pilot.

The film will not only personify many of the findings about this internationally known Basic Income study, but we are already lining up a tour of colleges and universities throughout Canada to host screenings with the intention of strategically engaging students and post secondary graduates who can build momentum for the movement leading into the 2019 Canadian Federal election.

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs

Up Next: Stockton

In addition to telling the story of basic income trials of the past half-century (Alaska Permanent Fund, New Jersey, Mincome, etc.), we are staying on the beat of emerging Basic Income experiments as well.

Right in our backyard, the city of Stockton, California is about to launch a project to demonstrate the impact of Universal Basic Income.

As they do, we are exploring opportunities to work with local organizers and filmmakers to listen, capture, and share the story of the human and emotional impact of the project through cinematic storytelling over the next two years.

Partner Projects

We are creating workshopsvisioning exercises, a game and documentary content to partner with grassroots organizers with the goal of inspiring public imagination through screenings and interactive experiences.

Along with workshops and other tools we are developing with our partners, our aim is that these films drive policy change and inspire the conversations that build public will to support and, ultimately, demand, a Basic Income.


A Workshop for Reflection + Action

Working with other local creative partners in San Francisco, we have developed an interactive workshop to go along with our films for emotionally engaging audiences and inspire action. We have built this workshop especially for folks in North America who:

  • Want economic justice and change, but are less familiar with UBI;
  • Are excited about UBI, but need some concrete ideas and direction to get involved in the movement.

The workshop consists of a visioning exercise for imagining a world with UBI and explores themes like racial and gender injustice, poverty, work enslavement, income inequality, and financial insecurity

In Canada, we are rolling out the workshop as part of a national college tour with the upcoming Mincome Film, calling students and recent grads to become part of the UBI movement leading up to the 2019 Canadian Federal election. We are actively seeking partners to work with us in the U.S. to use film, workshops, and discussions in support of political action campaigns.


Basic Income: The Game

We're developing visioning game (think Cards Against Humanity) that helps folks share and discuss issues relating to our society. It's been engineered with the understanding that there are many different types of people with different backgrounds and perspectives about what is best for society. It's also created using role playing to engage people by using fun exercises to get at issues that can be complex and polarizing.


UBI Music Video

We've partnered with a talented musician who wrote and performed a song about Basic Income.  We will be releasing the music video to reach audience outside of the standard social justice, political, economic and grassroots movement arenas.


People's Supper

From Wilkesboro, NC, to Detroit, MI, the People's Supper has hosted more than 900 casual dinner conversations since January 2017 to repair the breach in our interpersonal relationships across political, ideological, and identity differences. We are partnering with the People's Supper to provide conversation starters for continued conversations around the themes of hidden and taboo economic reality of our lives, as an opportunity for healing and empathy-building with one another about this taboo topic.

Completed Short Films


The Manitoba Story: A Basic Income Film

A twenty minute documentary that gives insight into the impact the Mincome pilot had on residents of Dauphin, Manitoba. The film will be released as a component of the BIG Experience to mobilize students and spur the Basic Income movement.


Direction of Dreams

Back in 2015 we partnered with a grassroots community group who raised $14,000 to fund the first individual US Basic Income demonstration. We created a short documentary to inspire and educate audiences around the country with the impact and power of receiving a UBI. 


Banner Activism: Who would you be? #Universal Basic Income

Over the course of a weekend we painted a massive 40 foot banner with the question "Who would you be? #UBI" and hung it up at the Powell Street BART station in downtown San Francisco. We received incredible engagement and captured wonderful insights and thoughts about how the average person's life would be changed by UBI.


Expert Interviews

In 2015 we helped produce the first Universal Basic Income Create-a-thon. It drew an advocates and artists from around the world and created an environment for developing ideas for spurring the UBI movement. During the Create-a-thon our group interviewed many from this create to provide a better understanding of UBI.


Citizen Insights

We took to the streets of San Francisco to understand citizen sentiment. We met a randomized sample of people at the SF Pride parade and asked them about their thoughts on UBI. We were surprised at their responses.