Basic Income Documentary

The Space Between Stories.

We are living during a period of profound change. The very foundations of our society and global economy are being challenged. It seems inevitable that, over the coming decades, how we live and work will shift in ways that are hard to imagine today.

What will the world look like in a few decades? What do we want it to look like?

Will we be drawn into a bitter struggle for survival as jobs are lost across every sector to automation? Or can we imagine a version of the future in which we are all hard at work creating caring, vibrant communities, free at last from barely surviving in thankless jobs?

Will we never find creative ways to bridge the economic chasm that exists today between the rich and the poor, despite the fact that collectively, we have enough resources for roofs over every head and food on every table? Or can we imagine a world in which the work of caregivers and programmers, teachers and bankers, mothers and bakers, are each recognized as valuable contributes to society, each one equally worthy of "earning a living?"

We are on a journey to discover and share a hopeful vision of the future that includes everyone's basic needs being met through a Universal Basic Income. If you know where to look, you can glimpse that future today in communities around the planet where this is already happening.

We are creating a feature-length documentary to tell the stories of the thousands of people in those communities, whose lives have already been changed forever by a basic income. We hope our work to tell their stories will help fuel the basic income movement, and help us all imagine a future we actually want to live in.