Basic Income Documentary

"I’m now convinced that the simplest approach will prove to be the most effective — the solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income." 

Martin Luther King


Our Mission

We are filmmakers and cultural organizers with the audacious goal of inspiring the public to imagine and demand the launch of a Universal Basic Income in the U.S. and Canada.


First Glimpse

The first documentary about the Mincome pilot.

The results have been buried for the past 40 years. We reconnected with participants in the pilot to understand the impact - the stories we uncovered are incredible and they'll have you wondering - why did it take 40 years for them to come to light!

 From 1974-1979 the first full-scale pilot of a Universal Basic Income was implemented in Manitoba, Canada. During the experiment, every resident of the small town of Dauphin was eligible to receive unconditional cash, just for signing up. The project was called Mincome.

In 2017 we spent two weeks filming with residents of Dauphin—a small town with a big story—to hear about the human impact of the 1970's Mincome experiment, largely forgotten by most of the world for nearly four decades, but suddenly capturing our imagination again today, as the only site where a Universal Basic Income has been implemented for an entire population, no questions asked.

Meet some of the characters we are highlighting in the film and get excited to meet the rest this spring:



Eric was 14 - 19 during Mincome. He only found out later in life that his family received a basic income, but says that the extra bit of cash gave his family options, for which is grateful to this day.

Eric had his first dental visit with funds they received from Mincome (his dentist wasn’t covered under regular health care). He had 10 cavities and got them drilled without anesthesia.

Even more importantly, Eric was able to stay in school instead of having to join the workforce early.



In 2011 University of Manitoba economist Dr. Forget analyzed the data of the Mincome Trial, long buried or neglected in a dusty warehouse.

In 2017, we sat down with Dr. Forget to hear about the amazing results of the Trial, including her findings on the impact on health (hospital visits dropped 8.5 percent) and on work (only teens and mothers worked less, often with other positive effects, such as staying in school). 

Read: "The Town With No Poverty." Evelyn Forget. 2011


Spreading Awareness

We are creating a workshopvisioning exercise and game to accompany the Mincome Film, and partnering with grassroots organizers to inspire public imagination through screenings and interactive experiences.

The film is only one part of a broader strategy for us: to use inspiring stories such as these to help tip the scale of public awareness about Universal Basic Income and inspire political action in support of emerging political, legislative, and ballot initiative campaigns in North America.

Want to get involved? Help spread the movement for basic income by hosting conversations around the film when it is released, whether in your living room or through networks or campaigns you are organizing.